Friday, January 26, 2018

Top 10 Posts of the Decade

Last week, as the tenth anniversary of A Little Loveliness approached, I decided to look into statistics to determine some of my most popular posts. I knew without a doubt which one would take top honors because I still get occasional emails about this party detail, but other favorites were a surprise. Keep reading for a countdown of most-viewed features, and click the numbered heading to visit any you might have missed!

It truly touched my heart to see that this little moment I observed -- an exchange I might have forgotten had I not preserved it here -- has been one of my most shared devotionals. Often we think that grand gestures demonstrate a giving spirit, but this sweet lady proves that the smallest acts of thoughtfulness can add up to a lifetime of blessing others.

This recipe was developed with a favorite BBC costume drama in mind, but individual little fruit tarts could easily deliver sweet sentiments to loved ones at Valentine's Day.

Celebrating Emma's 7th birthday at a local pottery studio allowed us to paint the town pink. Actually, we used a rainbow of the birthday girl's favorite colors to create her perfect party palette. Click the heading above to catch some of my best resources, but don't miss the artist's palette invitation, necklace tutorial, party menu, and special memories.

From start to finish, this was such a dreamy celebration! The fun started with an invitation fashioned to look like a bed (with a fold-down, monogrammed pillow and custom paper doll), and the creative details continued with a bedroom tablescape, handmade pajamas and party hats, a festive menu, and an easy craft. Love!

When son Christian turned 10, we bowled him over with a surprise party at a local bowling alley. This was a fun activity for guests of all ages, with a theme that could work equally well for a boy or a girl. I still remember the look on Christian's face when he rounded the corner and saw friends and family gathered to celebrate!

I plan to share more of our most memorable holidays in an upcoming post, but this fall feast tops the charts as the most popular on the blog. Blue-and-white transferware is always a classic!

My grandmother devised her own method for making lined pillowcase dresses, and we enjoyed sewing several for Mary Ashley and Emma. This one, with its pastel polka dots, ruffled hem, long grosgrain ribbon ties, and coordinating monogram, was precious as could be. This simple style was definitely a reader favorite, as you will see as our countdown continues.

Oh, what sweet memories this post brings back! Mary Ashley, Emma and I hosted friends for a mother-daughter tea party, and after our meal we made doll dresses from pretty tea towels. This was a great first sewing project to work on together. I would love to step back in time and gather the girls into my lap to experience this fun afternoon of crafting again.

Simple yet tasty, this recipe offers a summer-perfect treat -- especially when finished with cute touches that hint at refreshing citrus flavor!

This little party post has by far exceeded any other post on the blog, with nearly 65,000 views, according to my statistics. I still get questions on making the little tulle skirt from time to time, and someday I WILL make a video tutorial to demonstrate! It makes me smile to know that so many other tiny dancers have let this invitation be the start of their own ballet-themed soirees. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this walk down memory lane! Here's hoping there is more loveliness to come over the next ten years.


Michele said...

Melissa, I can certainly see why these would be all time favorites!

A big CONGRATS to you on your 10 years blogging! That is truly remarkable!

Emma sure is a beauty - what a sweet picture. ♥

Missy Hilyer Jones said...

What a fun stroll back through time! I had missed one or two of those posts, so I enjoyed catching up. Congrats on ten wonderful years!

Nancy Itson said...

I remember so many of those. All of them are beautiful. Besides your talent and lovely subjects, what makes your blog so inviting is your beautiful photography. You have done a wonderful job with this blog through the years!

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Many, many congrats to you on ten years of inspiring others! I refer back to your blog every holiday and for recipes - after all these years it's still my go-to!

I also always look for your name from Victoria on instagram, the Web site and the magazine.I know it will be a feature I love when I see you've constructed it! :)

I've taken a break from blogging, but am still on instagram - mrscozyhome

Thanks again for years of inspiration!

Ella said...

This is such a walk down memory lane as I've been reading your blog for years.
I actually found your blog when I was googling how to make a pillowcase dress and have following since. My little sisters who wore those monogrammed pillowcase dresses are no longer so little, at 12 and 10 they are too big for pillowcase dresses.
Everything here is so lovely!

Connie Anzelone said...

I am soooo happy I "refound" your beautiful blog! I've been looking for it for a couple years after my family updated my laptop with a chrome (as a surprise). They forgot my bookmarks thus I lost one of my fav blogs...and of course, getting lazy and just hitting the reminder didn't keep the name of your blog in my brain. I kept looking under things like tea, pillowcase dresses, flowers.... Anyway, your sweet children have grown up and I must get back to reading your blog so I can catch up on all the news. God bless you all and thank you so much for the beauty you bring into so many lives!!!

nahar said...
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