Monday, September 10, 2012

Celebrating Downton Abbey

Are you as smitten with Downton Abbey as I am? This BBC costume drama has it all.

Downton gives us a fascinating peek into early 20th Century English manor life. The drama follows the aristocratic Crawley family and a host of servants through the turbulent years leading up to World War I and beyond. 

Stories of romance, family drama and personal struggle play out in the midst of significant world events.

And, oh, the costuming! Viewers can't wait to see what fashions the Crawley women will be wearing.

If just hearing the first few notes of the Downton Abbey theme song makes your heart skip a beat, perhaps you will enjoy this spoof of our favorite show.

I'm thinking Downton Abbey!
And if you're thinking Season 3, enjoy this little taste of all the excitement to come.

This week I will be sharing a few favorite finds that I think fellow fans of Downton Abbey will enjoy. So stay tuned!


Sylvia said...

Two weekends ago, I rented the first Season and watched it all in one day. Season 2 is not out to rent so I bought it from Ebay and watched it this past weekend. I am totally hooked. I don't know how I missed it on TV. Maggie Smith is a hoot! I LOVE the clothes!

Kristen said...

I cannot wait for Season 3!! Ahhh....! So good. And glad you enjoyed Downton Arby's as much as I did. ;) I must've watched it at least five times. =)

BeemerGirl said...

My, yes! Love Downtown Abbey. I've been waiting for season three! Thank you for the preview.

Jennifer Driver said...

Love it! Such a funny spoof!

Jennifer Driver said...

Love it! Such a funny spoof!

Anonymous said...

I adore this show!! Thank you so much for sharing the historical background. I'm adding the book to my Christmas list!!

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