Monday, December 31, 2012

One Last Whisper of Christmas

Most of our Christmas decorations have been packed away, but the dining room is still set for one final Christmas celebration.

My father and his wife had planned to join us Christmas Day, but Mary Ashley got sick with a stomach bug right after opening presents that morning. We postponed their visit until this weekend, so we are holding on to this last whisper of Christmas in our dining room.

This year's tablescape pulls in soft shades of pink, gold, green and white. My wedding crystal, Antique Lace by Mikasa, adds a delicate touch to each place setting.

And my great grandmother's Homer Laughlin china looks delicate and sweet, set off by Chantilly silver.

We used my sitting room Christmas tree at our elementary school's recent PTO Teacher Appreciation brunch, and afterward I asked Joe to set it up in the dining room. I intended to center it in the window, but decided I liked it in the corner. I angled the table to highlight the tree. I like the holiday arrangement, but Mary Ashley and Emma can't believe I want the table "crooked."

These pastel ornaments usually find their place in my sitting room, but seem right at home displayed on a platter in this year's dining room tablescape.

A trio of trees line the table. You might remember these from last year's Book Club Christmas.

I love this collection of merry pastels.

In the photo above, you get a glimpse of our dining room chandelier. We have lived for many years with the builders basic brass chandelier that was original to the home, but my father plans to help us install a new fixture this weekend. I can't wait to show you the updated room!

I usually fill this tree with my collection of feminine ornaments but kept the decorations simple and subdued this year with pearl beads, balls and ribbons.

We are ready to light the candles and welcome guests for one last whisper of Christmas!

Best wishes for a safe and happy New Year's Eve!

I invite you to stop by, where I have one of the featured posts on Culinary Chat. Find an easy holiday dessert recipe utilizing ingredients you probably already have on hand, and learn about one of my favorite Southern cooks.


Lauralee said...

Merry Christmas! Our decorations are still up until we celebrate Epiphany or Little Christmas next Sunday. We love to host a *little* Christmas party that reminds us of the Wise Men visiting the baby in the manger. It's definitely a quieter celebration!

Kristie at The said...

It all looks so lovely! I really like the trio of trees on the table, and the color scheme is so light and pretty. I hope you have a great time together :)

Rach said...

Very pretty! Love the pastels and white.

Kristen said...

This is beautiful, Melissa! I'm a red Christmas girl myself, but I sure do love seeing your pink Christmas decorations! =)

Mrae3 said...

Very beautiful. I love the pastels.

Mrae3 said...

Very beautiful. I love the pastels.

Sharon Ward said...

Melissa, Your tablescape is beautiful as usual. What unbelievable talent!!! I hope you all have a great family get together.

Sam said...

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Marilyn Smith said...

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