Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

Wishing you a blessed and happy celebration for the Fourth of July!


Sylvia said...

Happy 4th, to you also, Melissa!

Lydia said...

I have been reading all over the web about the outrageous thing photo bucket has done. Many people are not paying the fee, since there was no warning and no agreement by users to have their photos held hostage unless they pay $400. Most people are refusing to pay because the move was so sudden and underhanded, without mercy. I hope you recover your photos and don't pay their exorbitant fee amd find another host. I use Picassa and Google photo hosting but there are other good ones out there. This was a very greedy and sloppy business move hurting millions of long time customers. Many eBay businesses, charities, animal adoption centers, real estate and other places dependent on photos are suffering badly. even though photo bucket was free for some use, there were a lot of people who were already paying customers who got their photos removed for this exorbitant fee.

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