Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's Rock & Roll: Carson's 12th Birthday

I am eagerly awaiting Carson's arrival home from a week at Inspire at Faulkner University, so thought I would take a moment to share photos from his 12th birthday party this spring. We combined two of his favorite activities -- playing Guitar Hero on the Wii and rollerblading -- for a fun afternoon with friends. We tied the two activities together with the theme "Let's Rock & Roll."

Fun black and white invitations invited guests to rock over to our house to get things started, then rock out from a nearby skating rink at the end of the afternoon. I designed the invitation in Word, turning a guitarist graphic black and white so I could add black circles to his shoes to look like wheels. Just to add a final detail, I added silver beaded trim to the wheels.

Carson's in-line skates are blue, gray and black, which set the color scheme for our party. Color was a good way to unify our theme.

Brother Christian's Paper Jams guitar made a perfect platform for displaying guitar and skate cookies made by Lisa at Batches. I had intended to send these cookies home as favors, but my idea for a pair of 3-D in-line skate cakes flopped -- literally. I had a cute idea to prop shaped cakes on Oreo cookie wheels, but they fell over. Twice. At 2 in the morning. So ... I cried a little bit, went to bed, and bought Carson's favorite cookies and cream ice cream in the morning for birthday sundaes. 

I was so worried Carson would be disappointed that I made a mess of his cake, but he was really sweet about it. And in the end, I think he liked having something different.

And really, could these cookies be any cuter? Lisa really helped bring our Rock & Roll theme to life.

After rocking video games and snacks at home, we rolled out to the rink for an afternoon of skating. Because of the lighting, I didn't get many pictures of the kids there, but here you see some of the guests taking a break. (Most are wearing t-shirts I ordered from Vistaprint to commemorate the day.)

Let's Rock & Roll!

Well, let me close so I can greet Carson when he comes through the door. I'll be back with more party fun tomorrow. 

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