Thursday, March 8, 2012

Emma's Dreamy Slumber Party Decor

Can I admit something?

Emma's rosy pink slumber party decor was so dreamy, I can't bear to set the dining room back in order. I smile every time I walk by and see the room set up like a bedroom for Emma and her friends. Emma insisted we set up the dining room table like a bed, just like we did for Big Sister Mary Ashley two years ago. But even repeating this idea, the table linens gave a completely different look to the party. Below are the fabrics that inspired our dreamy decor.

Emma reminds me almost daily that I still need to redecorate her room, but a blessing of my procrastination is that I was able to use her new coverlet from LinenSource as our tablecloth (top row, center). Tonya Whelan Sugar Hill collection fabrics from Quilt Home (top row, left and right) made planning this party a bed of roses. And accent fabrics and trims from Beth's Heirloom Sewing in Wetumpka tied everything together. Here is a view of the table turned bed.

I shopped the house for items to bring this tablescape together.

I set each girl's place with a custom party hat and pajamas. See yesterday's post for details about the PJs. Years ago my mother-in-law had a linen shop in the family business, and I was pleased to pull out some of the pretties she saved, including place mats, napkins and napkin rings.

Pretty maids' (place settings) all in a row.

I am so pleased with the way these party hats turned out. I will put together a tutorial if you would like more information on making these pretty keepsake party favors.

Emma's party gave me another excuse to pull out my Starbucks frappuccino bottles. And you know I love coordinating paper straws from The Sugar Diva!

Everything is coming up roses for my little Emma!

I love providing matching pajamas for slumber party guests because I think it helps bond the children. Emma invited two friends from school, one friend from church, and one play-date friend from her preschool days. So although these girls were some of Emma's best friends, they did not all know each other.

But we kicked off the slumber party by letting the girls put on their new pajamas, and by suppertime these bashful newcomers were old friends.

I hung pink lanterns and floral arrangements from the ceiling. Although I did not capture an image that shows everything, I wanted to share this photo of one  of the hanging cones.

I covered plastic foam cones with fabric and trim for Mary Ashley's 4th birthday party, and I knew  that I would want to reuse them again one day. With the silk flowers touched up, they added another feminine touch to the decor.

Another shot of the table. Doesn't it make you want to twirl?

I wanted to incorporate this smaller cone into the tablescape, but couldn't find anything to hold it up. Finally, I remembered the glasses I purchased for Christian's Star Wars birthday party a couple of years ago. This Dollar Store glass worked fine as a makeshift vase.

I will admit something else: Even hours before guests arrived,we were not sure if this party was going to come together. The week before, Joe had surgery on his feet, so he was out of commission as we were making party preparations. Within hours of the party, my sewing room and dining room looked like a sewing store exploded because I was still finishing up projects. But the children and I worked together to tidy up, and we made it with hours (or was it minutes?) to spare. And I decided it was fine to shut my bedroom door.

And who wants to look at a messy bedroom anyway when you can admire a pretty party hat?

I adore these! I used the same fabric for all the hats, but varied trims made each one unique.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into Emma's dreamy pink and green slumber party decor.

I never promised Emma a bed of roses, but in the end I think that's exactly what she got!

Still to come, our menu and activities! And I will announce the giveaway winner of the signed copy of Christian Woman Magazine.

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