Friday, July 20, 2012

Sailing Through Summer at The Grand Hotel

We loved dipping our toes in the Mobile Bay at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Ala. Last month Joe, Emma and I spent two nights at The Grand while the other children were at camp. Gloomy forecasts had us worried that storms would curtail our outdoor fun, but we enjoyed beautiful weather. We were so thankful for the sunshine on our shoulders!

Guests at The Grand can enjoy a variety of ocean activities, complimentary with the daily resort fee. Joe is recuperating from surgery on his feet, so we did not venture out this time. On a future visit, I know Carson and Christian would love to set sail.

Boats in the marina linger, ready for adventure.

Emma enjoyed playing on the beach. A bucket of community toys allowed hours of fun in the sand. Sand castles, anyone?

After a full day of play, Emma pauses on the way to dinner.

Fresh local seafood is always on the menu at The Grand.

And fun in the sand and sea are always on the agenda.

Resort activities can keep guests busy from dawn to dusk, but the relaxed pace and tranquil views give a peaceful ease to vacationing at this romantic Alabama destination. I can't wait to return with the other children!

Mary Ashley and Emma are best friends and constant playmates. In quiet moments, I could tell that Emma felt incomplete without her sister by her side.

Emma was so tired after a sun-drenched day of swimming and playing on the beach, she fell asleep at the dinner table -- no doubt dreaming of returning to The Grand to sail through the summer with her brothers and sister along for the ride. I'm dreaming of that day, too!

Congratulations to Debbi, who won the giveaway for our current book club selection, The Master's Wall by Sandi Rog. I hope all of you will join me in reading this great novel this summer.

"Long before we saw the sea, its spray was on our lips, and showered salt rain upon us." ~
Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

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