Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Flowers for Teacher: Scoops of Joy

"Summer would not be summer without ice-cream. Ice-cream is the favorite currency of love." ~ Puck

At the close of each school year, we like to surprise our teachers with flowers presented in a container that can be used long after the blossoms fade. Emma will be heading to middle school next year, so for our final gift in this tradition, we put together bouquets inspired by favorite frosty treats.

Sundae glasses in cheery shades of pink, green and yellow set the tone for these summer-perfect posies.

To make this easy arrangement, cut a wedge of wet floral foam to fit the dish and soak according to package directions. When fully saturated, place the foam in the sundae glass. Clip the stem of a rose a little longer than your desired height, and slip it into the top of the foam. (Spray roses would work well for the cherry on top, but I could only find larger buds.) Use full, rounded blooms to fill in the area around the rose, turning the vessel as you add each stem to ensure an even, rounded shape. Finally, complete the design by adding the final ring of blossoms, careful to cover the lip of the container and fill in any gaps. 

For the final touch, slip a paper straw into the foam. Present your bouquet, if desired, with a gift card to your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt parlor. We wanted to indulge Emma's teachers and bus driver with a trip to one of our favorite spots: Sweet Frog!

Happy Summer!

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