Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sail into School with a Seafood Dinner

I can hardly believe that tomorrow officially begins Carson's senior year! The other three children are not far behind, with Christian starting high school as a freshman, Mary Ashley beginning seventh grade, and Emma taking on fifth grade. We celebrated last night with a back-to-school dinner. Highlights of our themed tablescape included a Hampton Nautical Model Ship, Nautical Sailor Mini Popcorn Boxes filled with Life Saver Gummies, and Anchor and Sailor Themed Straws.

For our "Sail into School" menu, I decided to honor Carson with one of his favorite entrees: steamed shrimp from Publix. In keeping with our seafaring theme, fresh fruits and greens, fettuccine Alfredo, and garlic knots took on appropriate names.

We decided that each year when we have a senior in the house, that kid will get to decide the menu for our back-to-school celebration.

I designed printables for our little party, but unfortunately my little printer wouldn't party. Note the four hearts below the boat, representing my four little loves!

For dessert, Key Lime Icebox Pie was a refreshing choice. Find this super-simple recipe here.

I'm praying that this year will be smooth sailing for all of our sweet ones who are headed back to school!


Ella said...

This is such an original back to school theme.
I would love to see the back to school photos

Michele said...

Oh my how fast the years fly by, do they not?

I hope he has a wonderful senior year - making good choices and relishing each experience as a "last."

Yesteray I attended my nephew's going away party, as he left for his sophomore year at Arizona State. We in Ohio miss him terribly. He's so far away!

I finally (apologies for it being late) posted about my wonderful win of Teatime Magazine. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥♥♥

Here is the post:


Gail said...

Great idea for a party! Can't believe he's a senior!

Crystal Carson said...

I am so jealous of your lovely meal plans and that beautiful table. I just can't cook or pull together such an elaborate plan for my family. We are more into take out or delivery meals. My oldest daughter will be a senior next year. I'm planning on throwing a wonderful party that is completely catered.

Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks

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