Friday, April 21, 2017

New Easter Adventures

This year ushered in new Easter traditions for our family. Carson is a senior in high school, so over the weekend we traveled to a prospective college, Harding University in Searcy, Ark. Although I had heard great things about the school, this was my first visit to campus. It is quite a drive from our home in Birmingham, and I must admit that as the miles passed I was starting to have my doubts about whether I could handle the distance. But when we arrived for Bison Days ...

The gracious welcome we received quickly put my mind at ease. Chapel was our first event of the day, and it was a blessing to sing with thousands of young people and to hear an encouraging message. Daily chapel is one of the things I miss about my college experience!

 Students come from all fifty states and many countries around the world, and the sense of community here is clearly evident. There is a thriving campus life at Harding, and it warms my heart to look ahead to all the special times that await Carson.

Joe and I met at Lipscomb University many years ago and spent our share of evenings getting to know each other on a swing, so finding this tranquil spot brought back many memories.We took some pictures around campus together Sunday morning, and I captured many images of spring splendor throughout the weekend.

Happy Easter from Emma, Christian and Mary Ashley!

Seersucker is one of my favorite warm-weather fabrics, and the girls and I were ready for the holiday in custom dresses from Rysa Ruth Designs. I highly recommend this Etsy seller for her superb workmanship and quick turnaround.

Carson stayed on campus, and we did not get to see him much during the weekend. As you can tell from the picture above, as we waited to connect with him on Sunday, we had lots of time for trying out different poses -- the sillier the better in Emma's book! Finally, here is our handsome senior.

Officially Harding Bound!

We are so excited for Carson!

And we look forward to our next visit to Harding University!

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