Sunday, March 21, 2021

Carson and Mallory's Engagement

If you visited A Little Loveliness years ago, may find yourself as surprised as I am that those sweet little ones who grew up in this space are now spreading their wings as teenagers and young adults. Our oldest son, Carson, proposed to his childhood sweetheart, Mallory, over Christmas break, and I am happy to share these photos from their special day.

Mallory and Carson met at ages 13 and 14, respectively. The pair dated for a year and a half in high school and then again for six months while in college. Even during times when they weren't dating, they always seemed to be drawn back together as best friends. 

Carson realized early in 2020 that Mallory is the love of his life. While he was in basic training for the army, the two began corresponding via letters. Their relationship has only grown stronger in the months since, and they soon realized that this is true love.

When Carson came home for Christmas -- such a thrill for us since, due to Covid, we were unable to see him for nine months -- he wanted to propose. Under the guise of a family photo shoot for New Year's cards, we invited Mallory to join but then let the two of them get a head start on the outing. Photographer Rebecca Long was in on the surprise, so when the lighting was just right, she posed Mallory and told Carson to get behind her to run in for a hug.

But this was actually the moment when he got down on one knee.

"Mallory," he called.

"Will you marry me?"

She said yes!

We are so happy for these childhood sweethearts who have found their forever home in each other.

Wedding plans are well underway, so you can count on seeing details of the festivities here.

I love these two so very much and can't wait to watch them start their life together!

"Love must be as much a light as a flame." ~ Henry David Thoreau

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