Saturday, February 9, 2008

Christian Lawyer

Joe is out of town this weekend to coach the law school's trial teams in their national competition. Six-year-old Christian must be missing him, because he woke me this morning dressed in a suit. He said he wants to look like Dad and work at the law school. "Maybe they will think I'm Dad's brother dressed like this!" he said hopefully.

When Joe called this morning to report that the field has been narrowed to four and both his trial teams are still competing, I was elated! I knew his new colleague would want to know right away, so I immediately exclaimed, "Guess what? Daddy just called, and both his teams won again! They are still in the competition!"

This news was met with cheers from all the children, but then Christian looked perplexed. He wrinkled his face and tilted his head as he considered just who he was cheering for. "Wait a minute," he began. "Does this mean Auburn and ... er ... the ... New York Giants?"

P.S. I guess Christian was right, after all. Both trial teams fought like Tigers, and now they feel like Giants after finishing first in their regional competition this afternoon. Now they move on to Nationals!

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