Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh, Fill My Cup

Last weekend's ladies retreat with the Wetumpka Church of Christ was a wonderful experience. We spent Friday night and Saturday at the scenic 4-H Retreat Center near Clanton. One of the blessings of participating in these ladies events is being reminded that wherever we travel, if God's people are there, we can always have a home. We can feel secure wherever we roam, knowing we have family waiting for us there. This weekend was really special, though, because I met sisters who are also neighbors. I look forward to running into them around town, catching up at church functions, and deepening relationships in each other's homes.

The ladies of the Wetumpka Church surprised me at the end of the retreat with a lovely gift box. Inside I found the makings of a great tea party: the antique teapot pictured and matching creamer, cups and saucers; a lovely sugar bowl with crystallized sugar and spoon; gingersnap cookies and two flavors of tea. When I returned home Saturday afternoon, the children were so excited to help me unpack the box. Discovering so many treasures inspired an impromptu tea party. My heart was light as we gathered in the sitting room to share details of our weekend over a cup of tea. Reflecting on the blessings of the weekend -- from sharing the drive to the retreat with a friend; to meeting new sisters who are also neighbors; to studying God's Word together; to savoring this happy reunion with my family -- I smiled realizing that my cup truly overflows.

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