Thursday, August 2, 2012

Southern Daughter-Dolly Country Picnic

Last week Mary Ashley, Emma and I ventured to Southern Homes and Gardens in Montgomery for a country-style tea party picnic with American Girl dolls in tow. Join us for a perfect summer afternoon!

See yesterday's post for details of our menu and decorations. And be sure to drop by tomorrow for a special giveaway from the designer of the matching girl-doll tees that were picnic perfect: Kat-N-Ty Designs.

"O for a summer noon, when light and breeze
Sport on the grass, like ripples o'er a lake
Alive with freshness! when the full round Sun,
With the Creator's smile upon his face,
Walks like a prince of glory through the path
Of Heaven!—Thou vast, and ever-glorious sky,
Mantling the earth with thy majestic robe."

~ Robert Montgomery

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