Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dreams Come True

Joe and I rose early on the morning we left the beach. My stomach was in knots knowing we were about to share our biggest surprise ever with the children. We loaded the car that morning and headed out. But instead of driving home, we headed south. We drove for nearly four hours and couldn't believe that none of the children asked where we were going or why we weren't home yet.

When we stopped for lunch, we told them we had a big surprise. I gave them a brightly colored gift bag stuffed with fluffy tissue. Inside they were delighted to find candy and Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and The Little Mermaid DVDs. Joe told them that we were not on our way home, and I revealed our surprise destination with this poem:

D is for the dreams that came true when we had each of you.

I is the imagination you bring to everything you do.

S is for endless summer days and the fun we've had this year.

N is for memories we'll never forget made with loved ones we hold dear.

E is for exciting news to share with our precious boys and girls.

Y? Because we love you children, we're going to DISNEY WORLD!

The children were stunned and speechless when they learned we were on our way to Orlando to spend five days at Disney World!

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