Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Little Mary


Jan's Blog said...

All your little cupcakes are just as darling as they can just as precious as the next. It looks like a wonderful trip to the beach. Darien looks at the pictures and we talked about the water, and alas the best we could do was play in the bathtub. I hope one day to introduce Darien to the ocean. She loves seeing what her 'gog' (blog) friends are doing.

The Hammers said...

what a beautiful trip. you have the beach and we in Idaho have the beautiful mountains. same but different.
your children are so beautiful and so sweet and inoccent, I pray you will have the blessings of God that they may always stay that way.
I ck your blog each morning because for some reason it makes me feel peaceful and content.
you have a beautiful way of expressing thing.s
thank you sally in idaho

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Sally! I'm so glad you stop by. I love how blogging allows us to visit different regions of the country, realizing how similar we are in love of family and home.

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