Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Cupcakes

I'm hoping the children at our Thanksgiving Day feast will gobble up these turkey cupcakes!

To make these, bake cupcakes in foil wrappers. I just baked one batch, but you could make some white and some chocolate cupcakes so you could offer guests a choice of white and dark meat. Pipe on ruffled rows of orange and yellow feathers with angled tips. I used Wilton tips 103 and 150 for the cupcakes pictured. Next use tip 21 to pipe chocolate frosting in the center of the cupcake to make the turkey's body and head. Use tip 80 to pipe on a tiny beak, tips 4 and 3 to dot the face with eyes, and tip 5 to complete the bird with a waddle.

Serve these cupcakes on their side, and watch them waddle off the platter into thankful little tummies!
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