Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bookmarked: A Cup of Comfort for Writers

I recently discovered A Cup of Comfort for Writers, edited by Colleen Sell. What a find! Seasoned and aspiring writers alike will enjoy drinking from this cup. Here are a few passages that I have bookmarked.

"I write because I am standing at an intersection in my life and your life, and, while you hurry past, I am recording the world around both of us. I am taking note of everything, and I want to hold it up to you, mirrorlike, so you can see what I see." -- Camille Moffatt

"Plato said, 'the life which is unexamined is not worth living.' But I don't think he meant examining should take the place of living. I don't think he meant we should be so busy mining our adventures for meaning that we don't have time to live them. ... I know that life and art can mix, enriching both. But the danger -- the danger I recognized when I saw my son hunched over a notebook instead of marvelling at the landscape -- is that art can overpower life. It can, for a long moment, actually replace the experience of living." -- Lauren Kessler

"I thought about what my husband had said, and realized I had fallen into the same trap so many aspiring writers do; I was spending too much time aspiring to write and very little time actually writing. Even though I finally had time to pursue my dream, I was still making it a low priority in my life. I was talking the talk, but wasn't writing the write." -- Brenda Kezar

Purchase Cup of Comfort for Writers: Inspirational Stories That Celebrate the Literary Life here.

This title has introduced me to this inspirational series of books. Find your own Cup of Comfort here -- with inspirational stories, upcoming events, submission guidelines and editor Colleen Sell's blog.

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