Monday, July 26, 2010

Heartfelt Cookies

You have been so sweet to "suffer" through my recent devotional series on suffering that I thought I would take a break to share some fun treats I have been working on this summer. I enjoyed exploring the world of felt food for a recent Christian Woman article. Appreciated for its aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness, felt food is just plain fun.

These sweet little felt cookies are so simple to make. I was able to make the three cookies pictured from one sheet of off-white felt and scraps of pink felt. I used a blue fabric pin to trace circles (two per cookie) onto the felt. A white ramekin from my kitchen gave me a good size circle and afterward served as storage for the pink, green and turquoise beads I used as sprinkles. I cut out all the white circles, then cut icing shapes from the pink felt. Then I stitched a variety of beads onto the pink felt icing before stitching the pink felt to a white circle. Next I stitched the two circles together (right sides out), leaving a small opening. Finally, I stuffed the cookie with batting and stitched the hole closed. I rinsed the blue pen marks away, and these precious little cookies were ready for playtime.

Your comments are such a treat! Leave one below to enter to win some felt cookies of your own, and I will announce the winner later this week.
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