Thursday, March 24, 2011

Carolina Camellias

One of the highlights of our recent stroll through Clemson's South Carolina Botanical Garden was discovering the Camellia Trail in bloom. Above, Mary Ashley finds a pretty bloom on the ground. She did not realize that camellia blooms fall off the bush as the heavy blooms pass their peak and was disturbed to think that people had cut off the "roses" and thrown them on the ground. The garden boasts more than 400 varieties of camellias. Here are some of our favorites:

Here is a collage of all those pretty varieties. I wonder if you will find it as difficult as I do to pick a favorite.

I guess I will have to go with the pink ... and pink ... and pink.

Although you can't pick the flowers at the South Carolina Botanical Garden, you can still pick a spring dress at Shabby Apple. (Use code "alittleloveliness10off" at checkout to claim your 10 percent discount!) Register to win a dress here, and come back tomorrow to see if you won.

"I had to go back to that house… to see if camellias were in bloom." -- Lucinda Williams


Veronika said...

I would also have to say the Pink one! :)

Shell in your Pocket said...

So very pretty!

sandy toe

Deborah said...

Beautiful photos.

mary beth said...

so pretty! since we don't grow camelias here in Kansas, I have enjoyed strolling through the gardens with you! thanks for sharing them with us...couldn't you find any pink ones though???

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

OK, I'm feeling a little bit crazy here, but I smell flowers. The windows are closed - in fact *gasp* it's snowing AGAIN! - yet, I truly, distinctly, smell flowers. It must be poetry. Your photos are gorgeous.

Sue said...

Beautiful photos, Melissa. Thanks for taking us along on your visit to the garden.
Have a blessed day!

Kirkskornerathome said...

Those are beautiful. So is your daughter. :) Thank you for sharing your fun with us. I'll be back tomorrow to see who won the giveaway.


Kellie said...

Absolutely beautiful... the girls too! :)

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Goodness gracious you should have called my Lorelai to give you and the girls an official Clemson University tour. She would have loved meeting you.

Nicole said...

How beautiful! Our camillias are all faded but 3 or 4 late blooms. It is so nice to see a few at their height!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Being a girl from the south...the other south, as in Southern California, I too enjoyed many Camillia strewn early springs. My current home is in camilla bereft Utah, a place that I love, but could only declare as perfect if it would have camillias and cardinals.
Your photos were just splendid, thank you for giving me camillia to see here today!

Bit of fun: autofill changed camillia to Cadillac.

Marcus Smart said...

Again Release Notes: This sent the Grobanites into a huge depression when they thought that their idol had fallen in love but it seems that it was just a rumor and that they are just good friends, which is just as well otherwise there would have been far less Grobanites than he began with! In fact if you Google Josh Groban then 9 out of 10 results will be about whom he is dating. 7.

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