Monday, December 12, 2011

Beautiful Velvet Bookmarks

(Photo by Andrea Singarella; used with permission.)

Yesterday I hosted my ladies book club for a Christmas party and book exchange. It was the loveliest pink afternoon, and I can't wait to share all the details with you! The beautiful velvet bookmarks pictured above inspired my theme and color palette for the whole event. Aren't these beautiful? I swooned over this idea on Pinterest, followed it to Country Living, and from there discovered jewelry designer Andrea Singarella.

Andrea's shopette is filled with beautiful beaded treasures that offer a fresh take on vintage. Her inspiration comes from her love for romantic pieces from the past. She explains, "In an undeniably feminine style, I'm partial to pastel gemstones, beautiful religious relics, pearls with patina, old rhinestone baubles, vintage hearts and carved roses." Yes, please! Andrea's design work has been featured in Country Living, Somerset Life, Artful Blogging, Blogging for Bliss and Where Women Create.

Making these bookmarks might just be my favorite craft right now because they are easy to make, and each one is a little work of art. To make a bookmark, cut a 9-inch length of velvet ribbon and finish each end with a ribbon clamp the same width as your ribbon. I ordered silver clamps here. Clamps with a little loop at the end allow you to string beads to the bookmark. You could bead both ends, but I wanted charms on one end only, so I used a straight-edged clamp on the other end of the bookmark. I will share more details of my bookmark designs this week. Find Andrea's tips and sources here.

Last week I took you down a dark alley for Christian's bowling surprise party, but this week is much more my style. So I hope you will stop by each day for a cup of tea and the next chapter in our Book Club Christmas.

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