Friday, April 13, 2012

Make a Bunny Topiary

Computer problems have made Internet service spotty this week, but I think my husband has us back on track now. I have been eager to share this centerpiece I made for our Easter table.

This sweet bunny topiary is so precious, I think I will leave it out through the spring. Following the directions in this post, you can make a shaped topiary for any holiday or theme.

I picked up this white footed bowl at a floral outlet and hot glued a half-sphere of plastic foam to the bottom and covered it with a circle of sheet moss. A trio of silk tulips added a little color to the base.

To make the bunny, I used a marker to softly draw the outline of a leaping bunny on a sheet of plastic foam. You could trace a coloring book picture or print a simple graphic, but printer issues meant I needed to draw the design freehand. I used a knife to cut out the design, then used it as a pattern to cut larger bunnies out of sheet moss. I hot glued the moss to the front and back of the bunny. Cutting the moss generously allowed me to turn down the edges to cover the perimeter of the foam, clipping curves as needed and filling in any open spaces with extra moss. I used a generous amount of hot glue to make sure the moss kept the bunny's shape. When I had completely covered the bunny, I used a knife to cut a small hole in the underside of the bunny to insert a striped straw from The Sugar Diva. Then I cut a small hole in the foam base and slipped the topiary into place. I finished off the bunny with a pink ribbon tied around the neck.

I also embellished these wooden eggs to add to the display, thanks to an idea I picked up from Martha Stewart to use the very thin, top layer of a decorative paper napkin to decoupage the egg with ModPodge. Find a tempting assortment of toile napkins here.

This sweet bunny topiary graced our table as a centerpiece for an Easter meal, but I am already dreaming of its possibility as the crowning touch for my tiered servers for a springtime tea.

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything." ~ William Shakespeare

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