Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Let's Make Holiday Memories!

We have made a lot of holiday memories together on A Little Loveliness over the years!

In fact, we have loved holidays so much, we have even invented a few of our own, like this Southern Snow Day to combat the post-Christmas, holiday-break blues.

We have celebrated Easter with fun crafts and recipes, like this easy bunny topiary ...

And marvelled at the new life springing up around us.

We have gathered around the Thanksgiving table to share traditional menu staples. And we have mixed it up, too, with new twists on holiday classics, like this turkey-cranberry panini.

And we've watched these turkey cupcakes waddle off the platter to be gobbled up by hungry little pilgrims.

Oh, the fun we have had with Christmas!

You got up early with me on the morning of son Christian's fourth-grade play to encourage him to break a leg (or a candy cane) as Elf #6 with a surprise elf breakfast.

We have lingered over a cup of tea on a lovely December afternoon to talk about some of the favorite books we read this year.

We swapped books at our Book Club Christmas Party and were charmed to learn how to make handmade jeweled bookmarks to send home with our guests.

On the first day of Christmas vacation, we channeled the children's boundless excitement into a Christmas party tradition to kick off the holiday break.

Painting holiday canvases at our Christmas P-art-y was great fun, and our artwork gives us a lasting memento of the memories made that day.

From one holiday to the next, we've watched the children grow. And looking back through the photos, we realize how quickly the years are passing.

This gives us all the more reason to fill our days with celebration, like this surprise Wizard of Oz party after we dressed up as our favorite characters for our congregation's Trunk-or-Treat.

Throughout it all, we've looked for opportunities to welcome others to our table -- or deliver holiday cheer to them. Because holidays are about drawing people closer and showing others how much we love them.

I hope you will help me put Heart into the Holidays.

While I was visiting my sister over the weekend, her husband, Dave, helped me put together a video to enter Taste of Home Magazine's search for a holiday ambassador. Voting takes place on Facebook. To enter, visit the Taste of Home page, click the Mrs. Holiday link, and like the page. This will allow you to watch videos and vote for your favorite. My submission is among the newest today, but as others enter, you can find me by searching for my name. I did not realize until watching the completed video how very southern I sound! You can vote once per day, and I hope you will help me in this quest to share the holiday spirit.

Please look for me here. If this link doesn't work, you can find me through Mrs. Holiday Search tab on the Taste of Home Facebook page here. Thank you for your support!


Anonymous said...

I just watched your video and it was amazing. I love your sweet southern accent. I will keep voting for you every day. I wish you good luck.

Oh one more thing~seeing your oldest son dressed as the Tin Man brought back lots of memories for me. Many years ago my son was the Tin Man in his elementary school play but I don't think his costume was quite as nice as the one your son wore.


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Melissa, Your video is just beautiful.. as is your family! I don't know anyone who would be a better ambassador! I voted for you!!!

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

You have been my holiday guru for years and years -- you have my vote, go get 'em!!

Melissa Lester said...

Debbi, Yvonne and Mrs. Cozy Home, your sweet comments brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for your votes and encouragement!

Heather L. said...

Just voted. I love your video!!! I hope you win - you totally deserve it!!!

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Heather! I appreciate your vote so much!

kr said...

Is this just for FB? Can I vote for you (or see the video) on their website?


Rach said...

I totally voted and will EACH DAY!!

Rach said...

Oh, and its so cool to put a voice with your face and all your lovely pictures on your blog!

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Rach! I appreciate it so much!

Karen, voting is only on Facebook, but you might be able to register to vote on the Taste of Home page without a Facebook account.

Katy said...

I really enjoyed your video presentation, it was beautiful and really captured the spirit of all that you are, I have been blessed over these past few years to know you, both through your blog and by making sweet little printables for your parties. Best of luck with the contest, they would be blessed to have you!

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you so much, Katy! I am blessed to know you, too. I love seeing the many ways you shower your family with love.

Valerie said...

Just voted for my favorite party planner! :) I loved your video...and got such a kick out of hearing your voice on video! Your brother did a fantastic job highlighting your beautiful talents!

Marie Arden said...

Having trouble with voting wont load the page. I will try again later. Good luck

Amy O'Quinn said...

I just voted and posted about it on my FB page. You would make a GREAT Taste of Home 'Mrs. Holiday' ambassador! I hope you win! :)
BTW, loved the post about Amelia Island. My parents always rent the same house down there every summer for our whole bunch, including my family and my sister's family (14 in all) to spend the week together around the 4th of July. We always have such a wonderful time and we've made so many great memories and created traditions through the years! Good times! :)

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Valerie! I appreciate your vote and the thoughtful comments you always leave.

Marie Arden, did you "like" the Mrs. Holiday Search page? After you do that, it should load the page of entries. Thanks for trying!

Amy, thank you! I can't wait to return to Amelia Island! I found so many wonderful spots, but have just as long a list of places I want to visit when we go back again.

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