Monday, November 5, 2012

Favorite Little Red Riding Hood Gifts, Goods & Sources

Little Red Riding Hood Edible Cupcake Toppers

I have been seeing red for a while now. Planning last week's trek into the woods for family dinner and dress-up fun has opened my eyes to a number of Little Red Riding Hood finds. I have compiled links from products I used, along with others that have caught my eye. (Above, edible cupcake toppers added a sweet finish to our Little Red dinner. Click the link above to order.)

Since Emma's trip into the woods as Little Red Riding Hood, this is one of her favorite outfits for school: (1) sweater, Target; (2) cherry red Puddle Jumpers; (3) skirt from Wicked Cute Kidz.

For littler Little Reds, I adore this bishop bloomer set from Avanini. Find it at The Smock Exchange.

Girls little and big are sure to find something they like in the Kelly's Kids fall line. Find the Little Red Riding Hood collection here. As I am posting, the fall line has been discounted 25 percent.

Here are a few swoon-worthy Etsy finds. (1) flat-back figurine from Cold Porcelain by Patty; (2) Crocheted beanie decorated with a handmade doll and wolf from Ma Belle Mademoiselle; (3) peg wood doll from Hand Painted Love Boxes; (4) wooden kokeshi doll from Keneka.

Wouldn't a Little Red Riding Hood necklace be a perfect birthday gift for Emma? These are a few favorites on Etsy: (1) che655; (2) Lunarra Star; (3) WootBaby; (4) Tea and Tentacles.

For our family dinner, I used the images above from The Graphics Fairy. Find Little Red Riding Hood graphics here.

Whether you prefer classic illustrations, a vintage vibe or cheery graphics, a number of Etsy designers offer custom invitations and other party printables. In the collage above: (1) Bnute; (2) Poshtique; (3) One Bad Bird Design Studio; (4) Blue Sugar Press; (5) Poshtique.

During our family dinner, books and movies helped set the tone for celebration. Above:

Little Red Riding Hood retold and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman
Little Red Riding Hood by Candice Ransom
Hoodwinked Too!

Also set up to entertain us were a color-changing candle and 1000-piece puzzle. We have been enjoying a sample candle from Air Wick's new color-changing line. It added a warm glow and soft fragrance to our celebration, and the children loved watching it change colors. Emma has been begging me to let her keep it in her room, but for safety we will only be lighting it with parental supervision our family room. The puzzle above serves as a party favor to commemorate our dress-up fun. Mary Ashley, in particular, enjoys puzzles but found this one a bit too challenging. I will hold on to it to pull out again when the kids are a little older.
Air Wick Apple Cinnamon Medley Candle
Little Red Riding Hood 1000 Fairytales Book Box

For our Little Red dinner, new additions to our pantry include a moss runner embellished with red rick rack, both from Hobby Lobby; wood chargers from Michaels; and individual covered casserole dishes from TJ Maxx.

Bookmark this post, and you won't have to go over the river and through the woods to find products for your next Little Red Riding Hood celebration! Still to come, Little Red costume hints.

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