Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blessings Springing Up

I am pleased to share some wonderful, exciting news with you. Monday I will be joining Hoffman Media as assistant editor of Victoria. This is an opportunity I dreamed of, but never really dreamed I could pursue. I have loved Victoria since I discovered it as a newlywed. Thumbing through past issues, I couldn't help but smile seeing old addresses printed on the covers. As a subscriber many years ago, I could not have imagined that I would someday find my name listed in the masthead. God is good!
As an avid reader of Hoffman Media books and magazines, I am eager to meet the creative teams behind favorites like Southern Lady, Teatime, Cooking With Paula Deen, Cottage Journal, Taste of the South, Celebrate and more. During the interview process I met a few staff members, and everyone has been so gracious. Can I tell you what a thrill it was to sit down with Victoria editor Barbara Cockherham a couple of weeks ago? She exudes a spirit of warmth and welcome. During our afternoon together we shared lunch brought in from Edgar's Bakery, and near the end of our meal publisher Phyllis Hoffman DePiano joined us. Sitting between these two creative, successful women was a moment I will always remember.
I look forward to sharing more of this adventure with you in the days ahead. I would appreciate your prayers in this new endeavor and hope you will pick up a copy of the magazine. Be sure to look for my name in upcoming issues now that you can say you have a friend on the staff of Victoria!

Congratulations to Suburban Prep, winner of the Thirty-One Gifts cosmetic bag giveaway. Suburban Prep, please contact me through e-mail or in the comments below. Please contact me within the week, or we will choose another winner.


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