Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mary Ashley!

"A daughter is a gift of love." ~ Anonymous

Today is Mary Ashley's 10th birthday! I cannot believe my little girl is a "tenager." The above image -- one of my all-time favorites -- rests on my night stand. It is difficult to believe that I took this photograph five years ago. Is it possible that at 10, Mary Ashley is twice as sweet as she was at 5? What a blessing she is to our family!

You might remember that we celebrated the boys' 10th birthdays with surprise parties. We gave Carson a Rockin' Surprise Party (here), then bowled Christian over with birthday wishes (here). For the girls, we are skipping the surprises in favor of a much-anticipated milestone. Tonight Mary Ashley is getting her ears pierced! We will commemorate this special event Saturday with a party, so look for all the details in upcoming posts.

Congratulations to Paula Romer, who won a signed copy of Afternoon Tea from the editors of Teatime Magazine magazine. And best wishes to Kathy Pollard, who won the Whittard Tea giveaway. Ladies, please contact me at alittleloveliness@gmail.com.


Tina Foster said...

Hi Melissa!
Happy Birthday to sweet Mary Ashley. Yes, those years flit and flutter by so quickly. Anna turned 12 on the 6th and reached the earring milestone as well. Wouldn't you know, the next morning she came to me holding one of the earrings in her hand with a most distressed expression on her face. All is well now. Sometimes I catch myself just staring at this young lady before me. I'm so very thankful I get to experience motherhood from the feminine side. Not to take anything away from my little man! Hope to see you in the near future.

Farrah said...

Happy birthday to Mary Ashley!

Good luck with her next 10 years. ;)

Amber Kemp said...

This post warms my heart as I look forward to the day when I will get to take my little girl to get her ears pierced. Beautiful photo-Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Ella said...

Happy Birthday Mary Ashley.
I love seeing photos of your beatiful, sweet girl Melissa.
And earings are so special. I remember getting earrings for my 10th birthday.

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Happy Birthday Mary Ashley, ear piercing is so exciting!

Nicole (Bellenza Party Suite) said...

She's a darling! I love the photo :) Happy Birthday, Mary Ashley! ♥

Linda said...

Greetings Melissa,
I am thrilled to have stumbled across your blog tonight - so much eye candy here. I am going to brew myself a cuppa now so I can do a little cocooning and savour your delicious posts! Thank you for sharing your talent for all things beautiful. A wonderful way to keep the warmth on a cold and snowy winter's eve...I am a Victoria fan, big time! Lol
Linda at Beautiful Ideas

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