Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Glimpse of Her Journal

"I believe our lives are the pages we write, and the ribbon marks the spot where we begin anew each day. I invite you to join me on this adventure!" ~ Phyllis Hoffman DePiano

Yesterday I celebrated my first full year working as assistant editor of Victoria magazine. I still wake up every day grateful for this opportunity. The creative work is fulfilling, but being part of such a talented team is truly inspiring. From sampling delectable treats in the test kitchen and observing photographers and stylists during food shoots to chatting with seasoned editors and writing feature stories for the magazine, each season in this creative workshop holds delightful surprises.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a new venture for Hoffman Media President and Publisher Phyllis Hoffman DePiano. When I started my job last April, my first project was our Victoria Classics issue Monograms. This special edition was close to Phyllis' heart, and I enjoyed getting to know her during the publication process.

People ask me often what she is like in "real life," and I am pleased to report that Phyllis really is as warm and gracious as you would hope her to be, meeting her in the pages of her magazines. But you might be surprised to learn how funny she is. She cautions our staff often that people who don't like to have fun won't enjoy our work environment. With my desk steps away from her office, I can attest that there is always hearty laughter when she is here.

If you have ever wanted to sit down for a visit with Phyllis, you will enjoy perusing her new web site, The Ribbon in My Journal. Along with the creative tips, decorative inspiration and vivid photography you expect from magazines like Victoria, Southern Lady and TeaTime, you will discover a more personal expression of her thoughts. Childhood memories and family anecdotes are sure to make you smile! 

"In pondering the name for my blog, I recalled meeting the writer Alexandra Stoddard ten years ago at a book signing," Phyllis shared in the July/August issue of Victoria. "As she inscribed her signature in my newly purchased copy of Things I Want My Daughters to Know, she placed a length of ribbon in its pages as her special way of adding a grace note to the moment. I named my blog as a tribute to Alexandra and the gracious lifestyle she promotes through her contemporary philosophy detailed in the twenty-seven books she has published."

I encourage you to take a peek at The Ribbon in My Journal. I'm sure it's a site you will want to bookmark as a favorite.

I will be sharing party inspiration in my next posts, so stop in again soon!

Screen shot used with permission.
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