Monday, June 15, 2015

A Peek into Our Screened-In Porch & a Giveaway

"Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." ~Henry James

One of our spring projects that has stretched into summer is giving our screened-in porch a makeover. We still have a few final details to attend to before I share all the before-and-after photos, but in the meantime I could not resist giving you a few glimpses of my new favorite spot for relaxation.

Painting the brick has given the space such a tranquil feel (more details about that in an upcoming post). I have a few more pictures to hang before I can reveal this cozy corner, but before I share the completed gallery, I want to let you in on a little secret. The canvas above is my favorite of the grouping, both for its loveliness and its sentimental value. When Canvas Pop offered me a complimentary 16x20-inch canvas, I knew I wanted the finished product to be the focal point of our screened-in porch. As a reminder of last summer's anniversary trip with Joe to Charleston, S.C., I chose a photo from our visit to Boone Hall. The profusion of blooms growing in the plantation's flower garden offered one of the unforgettable vistas from that trip. 

I loved the idea of displaying an image on our porch that reminded me of exploring such a beautiful destination -- adding even more inspiration to our outdoor oasis. The artisans at Canvas Pop gave the image the look of an oil painting, and the results are stunning! I especially love the painterly effects on the birdhouse. We have the canvas hanging in a  protected spot where it will not be at risk of getting wet during our frequent mid-summer showers, but I will probably bring the canvas inside for safekeeping during the winter. Canvas Pop professionals advise thasince canvas is a natural product, it will shrink and swell due to significant changes in temperature or humidity, so artwork should not be hung in a bathroom or directly over a heat source.

Keep reading for a special discount for readers of A Little Loveliness, along with details on how you can win a canvas of your own!

The previous homeowners left a couple of outdoor chairs behind. After being left to the elements on our patio, they needed a good scrubbing before I moved them to the shelter of the porch.

The high ceilings are a striking feature of this outdoor room -- especially when coated in a peaceful shade of blue. Drop-cloth drapes also enhance the room. I will share more views and details soon, I hope.

I will share the rest of our furniture and accessories in an upcoming post, but the mug above from French Script gives you a little hint at the decor that makes this such a lovely, romantic outdoor room. Now for the giveaway!

Canvas Pop is offering readers of A Little Loveliness a 35 percent discount, good through July 15, with the code LOVELINESS35. And for a chance to win a free 16x20-inch canvas of your own, leave a comment below. I will announce the winner in an upcoming post!

There is more beauty to come this week, so stop in again soon!

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