Monday, December 18, 2017

Make Beaded Victoria Bookmarks

"The only gift is a portion of thyself." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This has been a special year for Victoria magazine, as we have marked our 10th anniversary with Hoffman Media. To celebrate this milestone, I wanted to craft a special keepsake for each member of our staff.

I count it a privilege to work with such a talented team of creative women and thought it would be special to commemorate our shared success with a handmade bookmark.

This idea dawned when I found pretty brass and silver shepherd's hook bookmarks at Christmas Village, an annual holiday-shopping festival in Birmingham. Each one had a ring on the end for affixing a charm. Find a similar selection of styles here. Above, a completed bookmark rests on a Sasha Nicholas plate custom-made for the occasion of our 10th anniversary. See more of the celebratory festivities in our November/December issue!

I cut the miniature magazine covers from subscription insert cards and found perfectly sized frames in the jewelry section at Michaels. You could, of course, frame other ephemera or use another type of charm for the focal point. Other supplies for this project include jewelry wire and cutting pliers, crimping beads and crimping pliers, and assorted Swarovski crystal and pearl beads.

To make the bookmark, slip a magazine cover or other ephemera into the frame and adjust the positioning, if needed. Using cutting pliers, cut a length of jewelry wire a couple of inches longer than needed for the strand of beads. Bend the wire at about 1/2 inch, and loop the wire through the ring of the frame. Slide a crimping bead onto the long piece of wire, also catching the loose end; pull taut and crimp the bead. String approximately five decorative beads onto the wire, careful to cover the loose end of wire, and end with a second crimping bead. Loop the wire through the ring on the shepherd's hook, and thread the wire back through the crimping bead and two or three decorative beads. Pull the wire taut, and use cutting pliers to carefully clip remaining wire.

Making these sweet little bookmarks not only offered a delightful evening of crafting but also served as a reminder of how blessed I am to work with talented people to produce a magazine that I have loved for so many years. Here's to the next decade of bliss!

"But I'm always dreaming, even when I'm awake; it is never finished." ~ Peter S. Beagle

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