Friday, August 1, 2008

Princesses at Play

I told Mary Ashley that I know she is a true princess after seeing this photo because even though she is just wearing a bathing suit, her shadow is wearing a ball gown.

Mary Ashley and Emma with Carson and Reese


Dawn said...

Gorgeous beach pictures, Melissa! The "shadow gown" looked so neat!

Jennifer Driver said...

I love this picture! I hope Mary Ashley gets to see a Princess just like her!

If you have some extra time, please stop by France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and America while you are visiting countries. Also, check out South Africa when you are looking at the animals. I'm trying to be mysterious!

Hope there aren't too many fleas! Love you!

Nancy Hood said...

LOVE the princess comment and for noticing the shadow! also love the girls swimsuits not to mention the awesome photography!!!

christie said...

Love the ball gown.

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