Monday, January 18, 2010

The Dreamiest Slumber Party Invitation Ever!

I have been anticipating Mary Ashley's birthday party for months, so excited to host our first girls slumber party! Our theme inspired this sweet little bed invitation, which I made using scraps of fabric leftover from sewing projects for the girls. The little green pillow folds down to reveal party details, including drop-off and pick-up times.

Mary Ashley Is Having a Slumber Party
And We're Dreaming That You'll Come!

This is one of my favorite invitations ever, and I think it would make a great birthday card, as well -- especially when you see the fun surprise I tucked inside! Find the card-making directions below, or keep scrolling to see the surprise.

Directions. To make this 5"-x-7" invitation, start with a blank folded card. Adhere a rectangle of fabric to the front of the card with a fusible web like Heat'n'Bond. This will be the fitted sheet. Next, sew a scalloped edge along a strip of fabric to make the bed's top sheet. Cut fabric away from the scalloped edge. Iron this strip of fabric, pressing the edge under to make a crease. Glue the unfinished edge of the top sheet to the back of a scrap of chenille fabric, folding the scalloped edge over the front to give the look of a top sheet folded over a coverlet. Pull the coverlet and top sheet around to the back of the card, and hot glue the edges around the sides and bottom of the invitation. To make the pillow, secure a monogrammed scrap of fabric to the front of a small rectangular card with fusible web, and use a glue stick to fit a little paper inside the card with party details. Hot glue the pillow card to the top of the invitation. Cut a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper, and glue it to the back of the card to cover the raw edges of fabric. The invitation is complete!

My original plan was to tuck a little card into the pocket made from the invitation's coverlet, or maybe a photo of Mary Ashley. But then I discovered the perfect idea ... .

A Custom Paper Doll!

I was so tickled to find someone on Etsy who makes custom paper dolls! Upon ordering, simply e-mail a photo of your little girl to SandyFordDesigns, and Sandy will e-mail back digital images of a personalized paper doll and five sets of clothes. You can re-size the images as needed and print as many as you like. Sandy was prompt and easy to work with. She even added the top and shorts to the paper doll at no extra charge. I really hope she will get lots of business because she charges very little for a truly special keepsake. (Wouldn't this be a great surprise to e-mail to a special little girl?)

And, look! Those pink pajamas are a perfect fit for our slumber party theme!

I cut out a Mary Ashley paper doll for each invitation and printed the clothes on extra cards. Across the bottom of one of the cards, I added "Help Mary Ashley get dressed for the party!" The paper doll slips easily into bed, and extra clothing can be stored in the pocket that resulted when I wrapped the coverlet around to the back of the card.

Shown here together, paper doll, clothes and card make a perfect invitation and play set all in one!

Wake up to more dreamy slumber party ideas all week!

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