Friday, July 30, 2010

A Heartfelt Gift

Thank you to everyone who left a comment in this week's giveaway. I have a choice of two cookies for our winner: the pastel sugar cookie above or the patriotic cookie below. Our winner has a son and a daughter, so I wonder which she will prefer? Maybe one of each ... .

Congratulations to comment #23, The Birdhouse! Leave me a comment, and we'll be in touch.

I hope your weekend is full of sweet surprises!


Love Being a Nonny said...

They are both adorable. I know she will love either!

Jen@Balancing Beautyand Bedlam said...

Oh, with a girlie, how could she pass up the beautiful pink one? So precious.

magdalena said...

yes, i would go with one of each!!!
they look lovely!!

The BirdHouse said...

Oh Melissa!!! I swear I am in tears right now!!! I have never won anything in my life!! haha This is the sweetest "first" gift to win, for sure!!! Hooray for me!! my email is

Thank so much for your generosity!

The BirdHouse said...

oops!! I forgot to tell you which one I want (I'm overwhelmed). I want BOTH!! but maybe I should just settle for the pink one.;) My little girl's 3rd birthday is in a few weeks and it will make a perfect gift!

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