Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heartfelt Hamburger and Chips

This is the hamburger and chips I made for the July/August issue of Christian Woman -- a happy meal with extra value, for sure. To make this classic summertime meal, cut circles of felt for the patty and buns. The top bun circle should be slightly larger to give the bun a crest. Sew a few "sesame seed" beads to the top circle, if desired.

Then stitch the buns and patties, leaving a small opening in each. Stuff with batting, and stitch closed. Add a few stitches to create tufts in the patty.

Of course, a hamburger needs all the trimmings. I will post some helpful links later in the week, including some great resources for stitches commonly used in making felt food. Shown above, a tomato slice made from two circles of felt joined with a blanket stitch; lettuce leaves cut from two shades of green felt joined with a running stitch and pulled tight to pucker; and a square of orange felt cheese.

Finally, let the chips fall where they may by machine sewing rows of zigzags on yellow felt, then cutting out potato chips.

 Be sure to visit yesterday's post for a felt cookie giveaway. Tomorrow, some amazing felt food inspiration!


Anonymous said...

I will promise you this:
"You are the most talented chick I know." (stepping away from the mic)


ps praying for your 100 percent breakthrough...


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Melissa, that is ADORABLE! I know your girls must adore it. Just as cute as can be.

Sending you much love along with prayers for blessing and healing...


Sheila :-)

mary beth said...

I cannot wait til I have some free time to whip up some of these delights..my grandgirls are going to love playing with them! thanks for sharing them with us...hope you are feeling better today!

Susan said...

Simply adorable! A cheeseburger and potato chips with ridges! What fun!

Sue said...

This is just the CUTEST! :) Such talent you have!

Deanna said...

Especially like these potato chips!!!

God bless and may you have a sweet life,

Mrs. C... said...

Wow!!! I can not replicate, since I don't have a sewing machine, but my munchkin wishes I did! Your girls should be proud to have such a crafty Mama. Thank you for blessing us all, with the ideas of keeping things exciting while enriching our families.

Red said...

absolutely love this!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How darling this is!

Pamela Kirk said...

Simply love this post. Such a great idea. Great choice of post for my blog. This linky tool is sooo much fun.

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