Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Fix-Up

What a day I had yesterday! Here is everything I accomplished:

1. I cleaned the whole house top to bottom.

2. I landscaped the front yard and put out a new doormat.

3. I made new wreaths for the front door and hung them.

4. I made and installed new window treatments on every window.

5. Finally, I cleaned off the roof.

I would say that was quite a day's work! Take a look at my home makeover below.

OK, so technically, it was not my house, but the children's playhouse. Beaded candle rings fit together and tied with ribbon make a perfect double wreath for the front door, and quilted placemats make easy window valances and doormat. Potted mums and pumpkins add the final touches of fall. And we're ready to welcome guests!

We're on the lookout for friends of the preschool sort this week.

Everyone has pulled together and worked tirelessly to pull things together.

Well, almost everyone, except for maybe one 2-year-old who shall remain nameless.

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