Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting Our Kicks

We celebrated the end of the boys' fall soccer season with an AYSO banquet Friday night. I was so proud of them for going for their goals all season long. The boys got a kick out of the cake I made for the occasion, and I was giddy knowing that with we can all sleep in on Saturdays -- at least until basketball season starts.

This cake is easily accomplished with only three types of decorating tips. To get this look, use a sheet cake pan for the main cake and one-half of a ball-cake pan for the soccer ball. Frost the entire cake with a crumb coat, then use a toothpick to draw the geometric design on the ball. Use a small round tip to pipe icing around the shapes, then fill them in using a star tip and applying even pressure as you zigzag across the area to be filled. Use the same star tip to pipe icing around the perimeter of the cake, using the same zigzagging motion. Then pipe a shell border around the bottom edge of the cake with the star tip. Use decorating tip 233 to pipe grass onto the top of the cake. Then use a small round tip to pipe wording around the serving dish. The cake above boasts, "I Get My Kicks Scoring GOALS!"

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