Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Road to the White House

With the presidential race foremost in our thoughts yesterday, I asked the children what they would plan to do if they become president one day. Here are the campaign promises of these future leaders.

Carson, age 9, would eliminate all taxes. When I asked him how he would pay for projects like repairing and building roads, he said when businesses pay their bills for utilities they would also pay a bill to the government. (He's talking like a politician already!)

Christian, age 6, said that everything that now costs dollars would just cost cents. He sold his plan, offering, "Mom, even you would be rich!"

Mary Ashley, age 4, said she would grow a garden. The children and I debated the merits of a flower garden over a vegetable garden, and Carson said she should definitely grow vegetables so we wouldn't have to buy as much food.

Emma, age 2, said, "No green. Blue." And generously willing to share her favorite color, said there would be "ornge" for everyone.

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