Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Ballerinas

One of the highlights of the holiday season for me is attending Mary Ashley's Christmas recital. She was all smiles on the stage, and when she shyly said her name into the microphone, a chorus of "ahhs" rippled through the audience. After the show we went out for dessert, and back at home she unwrapped a ballerina Barbie to commemorate the event.

This was my other favorite ballerina of the night. Isn't Judy's granddaughter, Taylor, a beautiful girl? I was already poised to take pictures of Taylor during her performance, but when she was asked to announce her name and said "Mary Ashley," I thought I might get to take her home with me! Isn't that adorable?

You never know quite what will happen when the tiniest ballerinas take the stage, but you know it will definitely be entertaining! I love watching these little ones.

And most people at the recital probably missed the newest ballerina ...

Little sister, Emma! Emma was so entranced by the ballerinas this year, she couldn't wait to take the stage for pictures after the recital. Immediately she started twirling and imitating the steps she had watched during the show. So guess who gets to start taking ballet after the holidays? Emma, the happiest ballerina-to-be in Alabama!

This should absolutely guarantee an entertaining spring recital!

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