Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Pink Christmas Tree

The highlight of the Christmas season at our house is decorating our Christmas trees. Joe and I decided years ago that we would indulge our differing tastes with two trees. His is our family tree, with colored lights, icicles and a variety of ornaments. We gather here to see what surprises Christmas morning has brought. My tree sits in the bay window of our sitting room. Guests are surprised to find real porcelain dolls and china teacups tucked into its branches. With white lights, silk flowers and pastel ornaments, this tree provides the perfect backdrop for spending a quiet moment during the holidays.

Many of my grandmother's hand painted ornaments decorate the branches of my sitting room tree. With one-stroke painting techniques, she creates one-of-a-kind ornaments that are great for hanging on the tree or giving as gifts. Tied with a ribbon on the top, a hand painted ornament would be a sweet party favor.

My grandmother found the ornaments that fill this vase at a thrift store this year. She purchased several boxes of discarded ornaments for pennies; and with a stroke of her brush, she turned trash into treasure.

I enjoy displaying pretty ornaments on my sitting room tree, but the sitting room is also a great place to display some kissing angels.

Like Emma and Mary Ashley!

Today our friends Lizzy and Emma are joining us in the sitting room, so I hope you'll plan to stop by tomorrow for a cup of Christmas tea.

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