Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shopping the Pink Aisles

Although my husband thinks I fall short on gift buying for the boys (too "fundumacational," he would criticize), I think he would admit that buying for the girls comes naturally. Although we have our share of traditional baby dolls and Barbies filling the toy box, here are a few of my more unique finds discovered shopping the pink aisles.

Mary Ashley will feel so grown-up dressing herself with this paper doll custom made by Anklebiters. Simply e-mail a photo of a little girl or boy to the artist for a unique personalized gift. The only dilemma is whether to frame the paper doll or let the child play with it.

This Kelly Rightsell embroidered pillow caught my eye at a local childrens shop. I bought a similar one for the boys' room several years ago, so it seemed only fitting to get one for the girls, too. You can find more Kelly Rightsell art prints and products on her web site.

Emma got this sweet Tea Party Game for Christmas, and we girls have loved playing it. To begin the game, you place a teapot spinner in the center of the cloth napkin included with the game. Players take turns spinning, and the first one to collect all the items needed for the tea party wins. This game is a delightful way to spend a civilized afternoon with preschoolers. I have seen this eeBoo game at boutique toy stores, but ours came from Amazon.com.

My best girlfriend, Vonda, introduced me to Fancy Nancy a couple of years ago, and this series of books by Jane O'Connor has become a family favorite. Along with the story books, you can also find Fancy Nancy dolls, toys and games at a variety of retailers. We'll be getting fancy for Mary Ashley's 5th birthday party, so look for details on that in the days to come!

My girls will look forward to rainy days so they will have an opportunity carry these pretty polka dotted umbrellas purchased at Books-a-Million. I love the trim detail on the edge of the fabric, and the girls like the pretty green accents.

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