Thursday, February 5, 2009

Emma's Dozen Roses

It seemed appropriate that we invited 12 ladies to daughter Emma's first birthday party -- among them grandmothers, aunts and a beloved Bible class teacher. Knowing that these women would fill a special place in her heart, I called them Emma's Dozen Roses. So each treasured guest found a special gift at her place, a bracelet with a heart-shaped crystal charm to help them remember our little Valentine.

Each bracelet was wrapped in tissue paper rolled to look like a rose. To do this, take two layers of tissue paper and fold them in half, overlapping the edges slightly. (The size of the gift being wrapped will determine how big the sheets of tissue paper need to be. I used half sheets of coordinating tissue for the favors pictured.) Tuck your trinket into the fold of the tissue, and roll the tissue around it. Tie a ribbon around the top of the gift and loosely fluff and shape the tissue at the top into a rose. For the final touch, tuck a silk leaf into the ribbon.

These tissue-wrapped gifts made sweet favors for Emma's Dozen Roses at her first birthday party, but wouldn't it be lovely to present a dozen roses to someone special for Valentine's Day? Twelve trinkets wrapped in tissue flowers, bundled into a bouquet and given with love.

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