Friday, February 20, 2009

Princess Pals

Cinderella made a guest appearance at Emma's tea party.

Inviting a college student from our church to join us for the afternoon was an economical and fun surprise. Haley joined us for Mary Ashley's Cinderella party two years ago, and she has since made a little side business of appearing at birthday parties in the Montgomery area.

Emma was still an infant and napped during Mary Ashley's third birthday party, so I couldn't wait to share this experience with Emma at 3. It was bittersweet to think about the babies I eyed in the nursery after Mary Ashley's party, realizing they are all old enough now to join us at the tea table.

Once all the guests arrived for Emma's party, we gathered the little princesses together in the grand ballroom, otherwise known as our family room, to reveal our honored guest. I told the girls to welcome Her Majesty, Cinderella, and our Knights Carson and Christian opened the doors to let the princess make her grand entrance as Joe cued orchestral music from the Disney movie Cinderella. It was such a special moment! Cinderella joined us for tea, photos and presents. She was so sweet and attentive to the girls at the party.

And what pretty princesses these little ones have grown to be!

Molly and Emma are princess pals.

Meet the Princesses

Clockwise, from top left corner: Princesses Lizzy and Emma take time out with the girls; Princess Emma opens presents from Meme and D-Dad; A reflective moment for Princess Alex; Cinderemma discovers a Cinderella Barbie from Mommy and Daddy; Working on party details, I joked that I was Emma's Fairy Godly Mother; Princess Jamie holds a sparkly princess wand; With two brothers at home, Princess Ann Welch enjoys her first all-girl party; The princesses gather on the palace steps.

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