Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Favorite Childrens Book

I grew up treasuring Little Golden Books. My girls love Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious and anything princess. My boys love super heroes and Star Wars. But my all-time favorite book to read with the children is this one:

I discovered Bunny and the Beast by Molly Coxe when Carson was 2. We read it so often that one evening when a phone call interrupted our story time, Carson quoted the entire book, even mimicking my inflections!

The vivid artwork in Bunny and the Beast is a visual feast.

Do you have a favorite childrens book from your childhood, or one you particularly enjoy reading to your children today?


Allidink said...

I have so many favorite childrens books! One of my favorites is the original Eloise book-1959. More have come out in the series since then but the original is still my favorite. I've always been drawn to them because of time period it's set in. Which is probably related to why I am drawn to vintage styles today lol. For those who don't know Eloise is a 6 year old girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel in New York with her nanny, her dog, and her turtle. She gets into misadventures and causes trouble all over the hotel. I just love her. When I was three years old my mom and I went to New York, stayed at the Plaza and she bought me this book. I still have it and actually just read it over Christmas.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

When I was very small, Melissa, I had a Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme book I loved (and knew every single line and would stop my mother if she skipped a spot, LOL!), and I also had two Golden Books (one I wrote my name in myself) that I still have... Christmas in the Country and Rabbit and His Friends. We had a whole series of books that had belonged to my much older sister, the Uncle Wiggley series, and she later took all of them for her kids. I loved the stories in those books. They were very imaginative. I have others, too, like Alice in Wonderland that were favorites. I loved anything sweet and whimsical. Christopher Robin and Pooh were a big hit as well. Believe it or not, I loved the Presbyterian Catechism. I saved my copy, and I loved my Bible I got at age seven from my grandmother.


Sheila :-)

The Southern Housewife said...

How gorgeous are those pictures!? My favorite had to be the Dr. Seuss series. Loved those!

Wendy said...

Hi Melissa!
I have a very precious book that was mine when I was a little girl, called "Fourteen Bears in Summer and Winter," that we still have and my children love it. It's an adorable story about a bear family who have twelve children and their seasonal adventures in the forest. The illustrations are beautiful, and my children like to just stop and look at the pictures for a while before moving on to the next page. It's getting a bit tattered after all these years of being a favorite, but we still get it out and read it!
Thanks for all your lovely posts, it's a pleasure to visit your blog.

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Good day,

"Little House on the Praire"
series, hands down! I've read the series about 15 times myself. No kidding! All 8 of grandchildren have read them several times also. It's like a right of passage in our family.

Love your blog! I'm here EVERDAY even though I rarely comment. Your parties are inspiring and your children are beautiful!

Miss Lila in Atlanta

melissa said...

Hi Melissa,

I have been here browsing your blog and just loving it-all the recipes, the fun parties, and everything else. Let me introduce myself; I am Melissa Jackson and you won a piece of art from my company, Initial Designs, for your party ideas through the 1st Annual Tip Junkie Awards. I am sincerely sorry for my delay in contacting you. I had been out of town when she announced the winners and then I missplaced my paper where I'd written your blog address down in some of my art stuff. I love that on this post you mention the artwork in Bunny and the Beast, although I hope you will not be disappointed that my art may not be as good a "visual feast"! LOL! Please email me so that we can discuss what you would like. melissajackson10@hotmail.com Also, I saw that you are relatively close in Alabama-I live southeast of Nashville, TN in Smyrna. I saw that you had Lipscomb on your list of interests as well. Small world...well, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Again, I love your blog! :)

Laurie said...

Congratulations! You won first place in your category in the Tip Junkie awards. You can see the announcement here: http://tipjunkie.blogspot.com/2009/02/tip-junkie-awards-winners.html

Please e-mail Melissa (melissajackson10@hotmail.com) your mailing address to redeem your prize.

Thank you,


Mika Nichole Hooper said...

My name is Mika. I am planning a Fancy Nancy birthday for my daughter. Your daughter's party was precious. Do you mind telling me where you found the plates. I've been searching the internet with no luck.

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