Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden Tea Party

Recently the girls and I visited one of our favorite picnic spots: Southern Homes and Gardens in Montgomery. We had not been back since we visited in the fall, and the grounds look so lovely this spring. Since I planned our picnic in the middle of a busy day, I thought I would delight the girls by offering to pick up Happy Meals. But Mary Ashley insisted that we have a tea party just like last time. She then recited every detail of our menu and decor. So we dashed home to fill our picnic basket with teatime treats.

After all, who could turn down a tea party with these sweet girls? Especially when they are wearing the pillowcase dresses my grandmother and I made during her last visit.

We left the ribbons long for these lined sundresses. A ruffle at the hem gives the dress body, and a monogram adds the finishing detail.

Please come back each day this week as we celebrate the arrival of warm weather with lots of pillowcase dress fun. Wednesday I'll post my grandmother's easy instructions for constructing pillowcase dresses like the ones pictured. But even if you don't sew, be sure to drop in tomorrow. I have a special surprise in store for a little girl in your life!

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