Tuesday, May 26, 2009

School Daze

The last few weeks have brought a flurry of activity with end-of-school parties, plays and programs. Here are a few of the highlights.

We watched Carson at play.

Carson's class performed a play about Alabama history for all the fourth-graders in Elmore County. His teachers, Stacey Williams and Gigi Hankins, won an award last year from Alabama's First Lady Patsy Riley for their production. We were so impressed with the show and very proud of Carson's performance!

We saw the writing on the wall with Christian.

Christian was proud to show us his hand print tile outside the elementary school during his end-of-year party. At the party he received recognition for All-A Honor Roll and praise from his teacher for being a great reader. We joined his class for lunch, and he took Mary Ashley through the cafeteria line. He is such a sweet brother and promises to walk her to her kindergarten class each day next year.

We stopped to smell the flowers with Mary Ashley.

I snapped this photo outside Mary Ashley's preschool before her end-of-year program. I can't believe she is a preschool graduate! On her last day of school, my heart was in my throat as I held her hand walking out of the preschool for the last time.

And we cheered as Emma climbed.

This has been such a big year of development for Emma! She made her debut onstage this spring in her preschool end-of-year program, then dazzled us in her ballet recital. We celebrated her rise to stardom with a trip to the park for the end-of-year ballet party.

Carson, Christian, Mary Ashley and Emma, we are so proud of you!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Melissa. Congratulations on this yet another milestone ( milestones ).Have a wonderful summerseason with your beautiful family. Be blessed.Godeliva from Ariadone

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Cute as can be!


Sheila... who's not sure which video was your BIL's.

E and T said...

Hi Melissa

You certainly have so much to celebrate. All of your children have achieved special things this year.

It would have been wonderful to see Carson in his award winning play. You must have been so proud when Christian was recognised for his diligent efforts and outstanding results.

To think that Mary Ashley is now a preschool graduate. Another milestone for her and of course you. Finally, Emma has also shone on the stage as she has performed so beautifully.

Your heart must be bursting with pride for all of your babies.


Rebecca said...

How wonderful for all of y'all!

Jennifer P. said...

so many reasons to be proud :)

Kim said...

Can you tell me about the tile wall where Christian's handprint was. I thought the pictures were adorable, and I would love to do something like that at my elementary school. Does everyone have a tile? How much room does it take up? Where is it located? I'd appreciate any information. I've just become the principal, and I'm looking for ways to help our building look more child-friendly. Thanks so much, Kim

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