Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Flip-Flop Kids

The girls' preschool friends Emma and Lizzy joined us for a pool party this week.

Christian and Carson pose for a photo before getting wet.

Three-year-old Lizzy is a ray of sunshine.

At 5, Mary Ashley has come so far this summer in learning to swim. I told her that the boys got a little treat when they could swim across the shallow end, but she misunderstood me and swam the whole length of the pool her first time across. I was so proud of her!

Five-year-old Emma takes time out for a snack.

A little girl time.

Three-year-old Emma thinks Goldfish are a perfect treat after swimming.


Nancy said...

I love the way she's looking at her big sister in the first picture :) and love these ideas, Melissa!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Melissa, these are the cutest pictures of the kids! Looks like they had a blast!


Sheila :-)

Grace at Home said...

Oh how I wish you were my neighbor! :)

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