Friday, June 5, 2009

Up, "Up" and a Cupcake!

Mary Ashley's balloons pop -- but she's still smiling -- thanks to photographer Becky McCoy.

If you need a lift this week, I suggest you see the new Pixar movie Up. I took the children this week, and we loved it! There were a few scenes that scared 3-year-old Emma, but overall I was very pleased. Entertainment Weekly movie critic Lisa Schwarzbaum opined, "As buoyant and richly tinted as the balloons that figure so prominently in its story, Up is also thoroughly grounded in real emotion and ideas of substance. ... The result is a lovely, thoughtful, and yes, uplifting adventure (in 3-D where available) about an old guy, a kid, and a house that sails through the air, opening up new routes in life to people who thought they were stuck in their loneliness."

I would echo that sentiment. And add that it made me want to make cupcakes. So I did!

Photographed outside on a mirrored tray, my balloon cupcakes look like they are floating in mid-air as the camera catches the reflection of the sky. They must be very light -- even downright healthy.

You don't have to travel to Paradise Falls for these cupcakes. Make them by placing thin lengths of ribbon and rickrack atop cupcakes before frosting with a star tip. Cluster the balloon cupcakes on a serving dish, gathering the ribbons to make a balloon cupcake bouquet.

You just can't help but feel lighthearted when surrounded by balloons!

Hang them from the kitchen chandelier to make any meal a party; surprise a birthday boy or girl with a bouquet tied to the bed; or make a rainy day fun by blowing up a few balloons and letting children bat them around, trying not to let them touch the ground. (Keeping several aloft at the same time always results in lots of laughter!)

Whether you take in a movie, indulge in a cupcake, or share some giggles with someone you love, I hope your weekend is looking up!

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