Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Three Cheers to Make a Megaphone

Show some spirit with megaphones suited up for the big game with colorful scrapbook papers. Make megaphones to top tailgating tables, or pass them out as party favors at a cheerleader-themed birthday party.

Find small plastic megaphones like the one pictured at Dollar Tree, and choose a 12"-x-12" piece of scrapbook paper for each cone. Wrap the paper around the megaphone, with the narrow end of the cone turned toward the corner of the paper so the paper can completely cover the plastic. Hold the paper cone taut with one hand, and trace the bottom of the megaphone onto the back of the paper. Open the paper, and cut just inside this line with pinking shears. Wrap the paper around the cone again, making sure the bottom edge of the paper fits the megaphone.

Unroll the paper again so you can trace the top of the cone. Trace this edge a little at a time by rolling the megaphone across the paper, keeping the bottom edge of the paper flush with the bottom of the megaphone. Cut the top edge of the cone with pinking shears, trimming the paper just inside the traced line.

The resulting pattern should look like an unrolled lamp shade. Wrap the paper around the megaphone. You will notice that one side of the paper looks angled, and the other side looks straight when pulled into a cone shape. Secure the angled side to the megaphone with tape. Wrap the paper around the megaphone, and use a glue stick to secure the straight edge of the paper to the cone. Embellish as desired.

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