Tuesday, April 20, 2010

She Said Yes!

We were delighted to learn that our favorite princess is engaged! Haley is dear to me because of the lifelong memories she helped us make when she appeared at the girls' third birthday parties as Cinderella. In fact, the entire Itson family is an inspiration to me. If I could choose one family for us to emulate, it would be theirs.

As soon as I heard about the impending nuptials, I immediately offered to help out with any creative wedding projects Haley has planned. Haley's parents, Dennis and Nancy, are very talented. In fact, Dennis told me he has already done more than 80 weddings. I look forward to being an extra pair of hands while learning from the experts! This Country Living book, Weddings: Ideas and Inspirations for Celebrating in Style by Marie Proelle Hueston, seemed the perfect gift to congratulate Haley on her engagement.

Filled with beautiful photos and ideas, this book is sure to get our fairytale bride's wheels spinning. We found our copy at Books-a-Million, where it included a gift subscription to Country Living Magazine (a nice bonus for the newlyweds). Find it online -- discounted but with no subscription -- here. We presented our gift to Haley Friday night at a dessert reception in honor of Haley and her fiance, Neil.

Dennis and Nancy gave friends and family a warm welcome Friday night with strawberry lemonade and a tempting buffet of sweets. Guests were asked to post words of wisdom or well wishes on ribbon clotheslines swagged across the kitchen, and all of us left with save-the-date cards. And Haley had a special invitation to give the girls ... .

I am so excited that Mary Ashley and Emma will be Haley's flower girls! Taking part in a wedding is a special privilege I think every little girl should experience, and I feel so blessed that the girls can share this occasion with such a beloved family.

Here is Haley sharing a special moment with the girls Friday night. They are over-the-moon to be Haley's flower girls and remind me often how much they love her. Haley was so sweet to them at the party. Even with throngs of people wanting to offer their congratulations, she was never too busy to accept their hugs. Haley is one special princess, and we are so happy she has found her prince!
I look forward to sharing more about this wedding in the fall when Haley and Scott's Happily Ever After begins!

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