Monday, April 19, 2010

Your Cup of Tea

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments last week about special friends who have touched your life. Reading about your mothers, sisters, husbands and girlfriends, I am reminded to treasure those relationships -- and to be a blessing myself.

Congratulations to the winner of a bag of the newest blend of Cup of Loveliness tea, Birds of a Feather. We had 33 entries, and the tea goes to Homeschool Dawn. She plans to share the tea with a friend whose sons compete with hers in birdwatching competitions. How appropriate that their team name is Birds of a Feather. I have known Dawn for a long time and have enjoyed reconnecting with her through blogging. Visit her blog for lots of homeschooling and parenting inspiration.

Our busy weekend included an engagement celebration, Carson's birthday party and a trip to Jasmine Hill Gardens. I will share all the fun with you this week!

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