Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bye-Bye, Baby Crib

Joe's aunt and uncle might have thought twice about loaning us their baby crib if they had known we would keep it for more than 10 years and fill it with four babies and many memories. Looking at the crib I remember lullabies, bedtime rituals and babies fresh from a bath.

At 4, Emma has long since abandoned the baby bed for a big girl bed. For months Joe has reminded me that we need to return the crib, but I have put him off saying I wanted to take pictures of the nursery before it grows up. So recently I re-hung the wispy tulle canopy my babies slumbered dreamily under (until I worried they were old enough to pull it down) -- and photographed the room as it was. And now I can look forward to the big girl room this space can become!

Watching our youngest child outgrow the baby stage has been bittersweet. But although I feel a twinge of sadness in parting with the crib, I take comfort knowing that ...

I can still keep the baby!

"The formative period for building character for eternity is in the nursery. The mother is queen of that realm and sways a scepter more potent than that of kings or priests." -- Author Unknown

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